The world famous ELECTRON cocktail

Warning - this cocktail is alcoholic and dangerous - it tastes like blackcurrant squash but has the kick of a mule. DO NOT drink and Drive/Sail - Please drink responsibly


The Electron cocktail is mixed in a two pint jug, served over ice in a half pint glass - serves four



Super Cassis Liqueur Two shots
Mount Gay Rum Three shots
Vodka Five shots
Red Bull One can
Lemonade Top up jug

Cocktail update

1 - You can scale up the shots - we now use 2, 4 8 for cassis, rum and vodka

2 - Make it a posh cocktail - use Champagne instead of lemonade (it's even more lethal as well!)

3 - No red bull?? Use Pepsi Max - - - IT WORKS

4 - Try  Morgans Spiced Rum instead of Mt Gay.....nice and creamy mmmm